The last thing you might be thinking about when going to a summer BBQ is your teeth. However, the foods and drinks that you consume this summer can have a major effect on the look and health of your teeth. Luckily, if you remember these tips at the backyard BBQ's that you host and visit this summer, you can help ensure that your teeth stay healthy:

1. Drink Water

It's not uncommon to find fruity punches and coolers filled with soda at outdoor BBQ's, but these can stain your teeth. A much more tooth-friendly option is to drink water. Along with avoiding staining your teeth, you can avoid drinking empty calories. Plus, it is a better choice for staying well-hydrated when it's hot outside.

2. Skip the BBQ Sauce

Even though BBQ sauce might seem synonymous with backyard picnics, the truth is that dark colored sauces can stain your teeth. Instead of using BBQ sauce, try other options that won't be as prone to staining your teeth, such as putting dry rubs on your ribs. When making sauces, consider skipping the sugar and using natural sweeteners.

3. Choose Tooth-Friendly Desserts

No backyard BBQ is complete without dessert, but it's important to choose wisely. For example, berries are very tasty and popular in the summer, but they can stain your teeth. Sugary cakes and puddings can also cause damage to your teeth. Enjoying these sweet treats in moderation and rinsing out your mouth after eating them can help. You can also try healthier dessert options, such as sugar-free pudding or fresh fruit that isn't too brightly colored, such as peaches or pears that are topped with a tasty sugar-free whipped cream.

4. Avoid Chewing on Ice

When it's hot out, chewing on ice can seem like a good way to stay cool. However, over time, chewing on ice can damage your teeth. Sipping on ice water or enjoying a sugar-free ice pop can help you stay cool as well without putting as much pressure on your teeth.

Even though it's summer, it's still important for you to take care of your teeth. Even though it might seem tough to do so when you're trying to enjoy yourself at a backyard BBQ, following these four simple tips will help you enjoy yourself and some tasty summer food without having to worry about destroying your teeth. If you would like more advice, your dentist can help you.

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