The prostate is located between the penis and the bladder, and it is really quite small. However, if you have prostate cancer, the gland can swell and cause a full list of problems for you, as a man. Because of the location of the prostate in a man's body, prostate cancer can bring about some pretty telltale problems with urination. In fact, problems with urination can be one of the more common reasons why a man will visit a doctor before they ever even know that they have prostate cancer. These prostate cancer symptoms with urination may be the first sign. Take a look at some of the ways prostate cancer can affect your urination and why. 

You may find it difficult to urinate while standing. 

Men are naturally capable of urinating while they are in a standing position. Therefore, if something changes and you can no longer urinate easily, while you are standing up, it can be quite disconcerting. The enlargement of the prostate can put pressure on the urethra when you are standing up, but that pressure may subside when you are seated. Even though an enlarged prostate is not always a symptom of cancer, it is something that can be associated and should be checked out. 

You may have to urinate more frequently than usual. 

Men have larger bladders than females, which means they can usually go for longer periods without feeling the urge to pee. However, when you are having issues with your prostate because you have prostate cancer, it can make you need to go far more often than you normally do. You may notice that you have to make stops more frequently, during road trips, or are perhaps getting up through the night to urinate, when you never have had to do so before. 

You may have a very weak urination stream. 

You feel the urge to go and you feel like your bladder is rather full, but when you stand over the toilet, the stream of urine that comes out is barely a dribble. A weakened urine stream is a sign of an enlarged prostate. A weak urine stream can happen for the same reasons it can be hard to stand and pee or you are urinating more frequently than you used to: your prostate is putting pressure on your urethra. Some men will have better success by sitting down to pee, if they have an enlarged prostate or are going through prostate cancer treatment.