In order to be a professional truck driver, you will need to undergo a series of examinations to be awarded your license. As part of these examinations, you will need to undergo a physical with a DOT Medical Examiner to ensure that you are healthy enough to safely operate a large commercial truck.

What If You Conceal Health Problems On Your Medical Forms?

Unfortunately, there are some individuals that will attempt to conceal previous health problems on their medical forms. This can prove to be a disastrous mistake as you may have your license revoked if this omission or lie is ever discovered. Additionally, the health problem that you are attempting to conceal may not be serious enough to warrant being denied the license.

Do You Have Options If You Fail The Physical Examination?

If you fail your physical examination, you may have options for still receiving your license. Depending on the circumstances, it may be possible for you to appeal this failure. If this is successful, you will need to undergo a second physical examination with a different physician. Additionally, when failing the physical is a result of a treatable condition, such as high blood pressure, it may be possible to undergo this examination again after you have gotten the problem under control.

Will A DOT Physical Be Inconvenient?

If you are needing to undergo a DOT physical, you might be worried that this type of procedure will be very inconvenient to undergo. However, these physicals can be completed fairly quickly. For most individuals, this entire process should take around an hour. Those with more complicated health histories or chronic problems may require longer as the doctor will need to thoroughly evaluate the severity of the problem to determine whether it will pose a safety problem while operating the truck.

How Often Will You Have To Undergo A Physical?

Due to the fact that a person's health will change over the course of time, it will be necessary to undergo one of these physicals on a regular basis. As a requirement to keep your license active, you will need to undergo one of these physicals at least once every couple of years. However, your employer can request one of these physicals more frequently. In fact, it is common for employers to require this type of physical on a yearly basis. Also, it can be common for drivers to be asked to undergo one of these physicals if they have experienced a noticeable decrease in their job performance.