When you're sick or hurt around your home, you and your children may rely on your family doctor to provide you with the care you need. When you're traveling, however, a trip to the family doctor won't be possible if you need medical care. While you should always go to the hospital emergency if there's a legitimate health emergency, this won't always be the case — and you may not exactly be keen on sitting in the waiting room, potentially for hours on end, during a vacation. An urgent care center in the city you're visiting is the perfect spot to receive the medical care you need. Here are some reasons that a vacationer may need to visit this healthcare facility:

Food Poisoning

One of the fun things about going on vacation is getting to eat in different restaurants along the way. But, with each meal that you eat out, there's a small chance that you or your children could end up with food poisoning. If one of your family members is showing signs of food poisoning, such as an upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea, it's a good idea to head to urgent care. A physician will be able to assess what's going on and determine the best way to care for the food poisoning. It could be something as simple as a recommendation to get fluids and rest until the patient feels better, or the doctor may prescribe antibiotics if the situation is more serious.


Sprains might be unlikely during some forms of vacation, but they can be prevalent during others. For example, if you're camping, hiking, or even running around on the beach, you or your children might slip or step awkwardly and end up with an ankle sprain. Sometimes, the pain will go away on its own. However, if the pain persists, you need to seek medical care. At the urgent care center, you'll be assessed and X-rayed to ensure that the injury isn't more severe. Then, you may get a brace and some instructions on how to care for the ankle for the remainder of the vacation.


An infection can make you miserable during a vacation, but this isn't something to put off dealing with. Infections can quickly worsen and threaten your health. For example, if you or your children stepped on a piece of glass on the pool deck of your hotel and notice the next day that the wound is oozing pus and feels hot, an infection could be present. You'll need to visit an urgent care for children center to have the injury cleaned out and disinfected, and so that you can get some antibiotics.