Starting your own family will be one of the most important decisions and steps that you can take. However, it is often far more difficult and complicated than individuals may expect. More precisely, there can be a range of fertility issues that can arise, and being informed about these potential problems can be important for allowing you to know the steps for overcoming these issues.

Myth: Surrogacy Is The Only Option For Addressing Infertility

When individuals start to suspect that they are suffering from fertility issues, they may be worried that surrogacy will be the only option. However, there are a number of treatments that can be used to help individuals with mild to severe fertility issues conceive. For example, some patients will find that they respond to hormone therapies. Others may find that an existing health problem is causing the fertility issues, and better symptom management for these individuals can help them with addressing their fertility issues. To learn more about your particular treatment options, you will need to be evaluated by a fertility doctor.

Myth: Infertility Is Only An Issue For Women

Another assumption that people will often make about fertility issues is that only women will be the ones to experience these problems. However, it is possible for men also to have a number of fertility impairing issues. Because this problem can come from either partner, it is important for the fertility of both individuals to be tested and evaluated. In many instances, issues with conceiving can stem from problems with both individuals.

Myth: Sex Drive Is Always Related To Fertility

For individuals with high sex drives, it can be shocking to learn that they are suffering from fertility issues. Yet, it should be noted that there is little correlation between sex drive and fertility. This is a result of the fact that the hormones that power the sex drive may still be produced despite there being structural or chemical problems that could inhibit fertilization.

If you are finding that conceiving is surprisingly difficult, it can be worthwhile to visit a doctor that specializes in diagnosing and treating fertility issues. After you become aware of the reality that you may believe many different myths, you can take steps to correct the misconceptions that you may have.

In particular, knowing that there are effective treatment options for fertility problem, that both partners can experience these issues and that a high sex drive will not prevent fertility issues can be extremely useful for those that are finding conception more difficult than they had anticipated.

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