Planning ahead for your final arrangements can save a lot of time and stress on your family when you pass away. While none really wants to think about that, it is something that everyone faces throughout life.

Picking a Headstone 

If you would like to have a custom headstone on your gravesite, you can pick one or order a custom stone years before you need it. The stone maker will put your name and birthdate on the stone along with anything else you like. Some headstones are made with extremely detailed images that are laser etched into the stone, while others are just a  simple stone with your name and basic information on it.

The date of your death will be left blank until after you pass on, then the headstone company can come out and put the date on the stone without removing it from the plot. Make sure that your executor knows where you got the stone so they can contact them when the time comes to put the date on the headstone. The company should be willing to take care of that as part of the price when you purchase the stone. 

Picking a Grave Site

You can pick out your gravesite before you need it as well. Talk to the funeral director at the cemetery that you want to be buried in about what the options are for you. One advantage of buying your plot early is that you can reserve an entire family plot so that you can keep your spouse and family members together in the cemetery. Once you have the plot secured, you can have your stone put in place when you pass.

The headstone company will deliver it and set it in place for you, but you will need to make arrangements with the cemetery to keep the plot and the area around the stone mowed and trimmed for you.

Making Final Arrangements

Your final arrangements can include the details for your funeral service, memorial service, and other specific arrangements. Talk to your lawyer or the funeral home that you want to use and specify an executor for your estate so that there is someone to make any decisions and notify the funeral home of your death. If you want to, you can often make arrangements to pay for the services ahead of time so that your family does not have to worry about the costs and can concentrate on the service and family time. 

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