For many people, birth control services are a crucial component of health. For this reason, some people turn to urgent care centers in the hope that they can provide birth control services. Are you interested in birth control and want to know if urgent care is the best place to turn?

This is what you need to know.

Many Urgent Care Centers Offer Emergency Contraception

Birth control services are important because in many cases, people need to take swift action. They may need emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy. In some cases, people require birth control services quickly and cannot afford to wait for an appointment with their primary care provider.

Typically, the emergency contraception pill needs to be taken within a certain number of hours before it is no longer effective. The sooner you take the medication, the more effective it is.

Urgent Care Centers May Assist Victims of Crimes

In many cases, people who are sexually assaulted or abused use urgent care centers to receive care. They may not have an emergency situation on their hands, but they may still want to be checked out. This kind of exam may include a prescription for contraception or a form of emergency contraception.

Urgent Care Centers May Offer Other Forms of Contraception

Birth control pills may also be a very effective option for preventing pregnancy for you. Some people come to an urgent care center for this option, perhaps because they don't feel safe going to their primary physician or perhaps because they do not want the appointment to show up on insurance.

If you are interested in other birth control options, you may wonder if an urgent care center can provide those as well. Some will provide IUDs and depo-provera shots, but you should call ahead to ensure that you can receive these services at the urgent care you intend to visit. Each office is a little different and may offer different services.

Urgent Care Can Administer a Pregnancy Test

What if you think you are pregnant? Urgent care may provide you with a test so that you can know for sure. You can also determine your next steps and receive medical care as necessary.

Contact Urgent Care Today

Do you have questions about urgent care or birth control? The best way to obtain more information is to speak with a professional. Call an urgent care center to ask questions about the specific services they provide.