Vasectomy is the process of male sterilization. The concept of vasectomy can seem scary for many men, even those who no longer want to be able to get their partners pregnant. After all, this is a very sensitive area that you are considering making a change to. Doctors often notice that people have different ideas of what to expect during and after a vasectomy, and they want you to understand what you should expect.

One of the roles doctors play involves trying to clear up myths and maligning information about medical procedures. These are some questions you might have about vasectomy and what your doctor wants you to know about the procedure.

Is Getting a Vasectomy Painful?

A vasectomy may be uncomfortable, but it is not extremely painful. Your doctor will advise on the best steps to take to avoid a painful procedure. They can provide you with pain medication that will help you relax so you will not feel any pain.

Is Getting a Vasectomy Dangerous?

A vasectomy is generally a safe procedure. In fact, a vasectomy is often reversible and may be able to be changed in the future.

Of course, every treatment can come with some risks. If you have concerns about the medical procedure, you should ask your doctor about potential risks and how to minimize them.

Does a Vasectomy Always Work?

Vasectomies work, but they may not work immediately. This means that you may have to use condoms until you return to the doctor's office and show that you are not emitting semen.

Will You Be Able to Get an Erection?

Yes, you will be able to get and maintain an erection after you have a vasectomy. If you experience difficulties, you should discuss them with your doctor. Your doctor may determine that you have a different condition that you need to address via medicine or medical treatment.

Can a Vasectomy Cause Cancer?

No, vasectomies do not cause cancer. There is no correlation between vasectomy and cancer. If you experience symptoms of cancer, you should talk to your doctor.

What Should You Do If You Want a Vasectomy?

If you are serious about getting a vasectomy or want to learn more about the procedure, speak with a doctor right away. You have time to think about the decision, and it is one you should consider carefully before you make a final decision. The best thing you can do now is speak with your doctor for additional information.

For more information, talk to a doctor in your area.