Varicose veins are a painful problem that can develop on just about anybody and cause a broad array of different symptoms that are hard to tolerate. And they often come in many sizes, with small ones often being more common before progressing to larger and more painful problems. As a result, it is important to utilize care options like sclerotherapy to minimize the risk of worsening varicose veins.

Small Varicose Veins Should Be Treated Quickly

When varicose veins begin development, they often start out quite small and may be hard to notice. At this point in their development, they may trigger minimal pain or other complications. As a result, people may tolerate them for too long and cause them to spread to larger veins. When this happens, the vein will be much more painful and will also be more difficult to treat.

As a result, it is important for those with small varicose veins to get rid of them as soon as possible. Surgery is available for those who want it and will cut out the vein using a variety of different techniques. However, these methods may not be right for some people, particularly those who want minimal downtime after treatment. Thankfully, sclerotherapy may help out here.

Ways Sclerotherapy May Help

Sclerotherapy is a unique treatment option for varicose veins that is usually used with smaller or less persistent veins. It works by injecting a solution into the vein and allowing it to spread after injection. This solution will cause scarring throughout the vein that will make blood passage impossible. As a result, the vein will die, collapse, and get absorbed back into the leg.

The benefits of this approach are numerous for those with small veins. It is a less-invasive option that will eliminate small varicose veins without requiring surgery. And it also helps to prevent these smaller veins from becoming larger and more persistent, a problem that otherwise is a real danger. Just as importantly, it helps minimize and decrease pain by focusing on natural vein death instead of other invasive treatments.

As a result, it is important to schedule an early inspection appointment for sclerotherapy for those who have even small varicose veins. By taking care of these small problems sooner rather than later, it is possible to prevent the worsening of this condition and to ensure that serious pain and other problems don't worsen and cause great discomfort in a person's life at any time.