Breast cancer treatment services provide men and women with healthier lives and second chances. Hormone therapy is among the most beneficial treatment options for breast cancer.

If you have breast cancer, you may still have questions about hormone therapy. This is what everybody should know about hormone therapy to treat breast cancer.

Hormone Therapy Is Suitable for Some Cancers

Some forms of breast cancer can be treated with hormone therapy. It is most suited for breast cancer with tumors that are receptive to hormones. This therapy is also commonly used after surgery and prevents the cancer from coming back. Therapy is a long-term option that you may take part in for several years to receive the most prevention.

Additionally, many people use hormone therapy if they are at high risk of getting breast cancer. Medication can prevent breast cancer in some people who have been tested and may have a genetic link to the disease.

Hormone Therapy Consists of Medications

Hormone therapy is not as intensive as some of the other options available, and the treatment you take may block estrogen receptors. This also blocks estrogen from allowing for the spread of cancer. Medication can change the types of hormones in your body, reducing some types of hormones. In some cases, male hormone medication may also be helpful.

Hormone therapy can also follow radiation or chemotherapy. Hormone therapy can help address any remnants of cancer that could be lingering after treatment.

Hormone Therapy Has Some Side Effects

Hormone therapy does have some side effects, but for most people who use it, the side effects are minimal. Hot flashes and vaginal dryness are among the most common side effects. In some cases, women experience bone pain. In rare cases, women develop blood clots or uterine cancer.

Keep in mind that hormone therapy will have different side effects based on the type of medication you are using. If you are having a serious reaction to therapy, you need to speak with a doctor.

Speak With a Breast Cancer Treatment Provider

Breast cancer treatment providers have a lot to offer, and they can provide you with answers to your questions. Hormone therapy may be the best option for you, and a doctor can make this determination based on the stage of cancer and your overall health. Make an appointment to speak with a professional today to discuss the best treatment option for you.