Physical therapy may be a type of therapy that can really help you if you are struggling physically. A physical therapist is a licensed medical professional who has specialized and extensive training in the field of physical therapy. The therapy can help to alleviate pain, or at the very least, decrease it. This therapy can help someone in many ways with physical issues, which can include trouble walking, limb weakness, limb numbness and/or tingling, a limited range of motion, balance issues, and several other things. Learn more about physical therapy by reading below: 

Physical therapy doesn't follow one specific time frame

Some patients can go to physical therapy a few times and find that they no longer need it. Then, there are those who need to go to physical therapy for months. You will be given an assessment from the physical therapist, who will set goals for you to achieve. When you have met those goals, you will either be done with physical therapy, or new goals can be set, and you can begin working with the physical therapist to meet the new goals as well. 

Goals vary from one patient to the next

Your goals may be similar to some other patients, but completely different from others. This is dependant on the specific issues you are getting physical therapy for, how serious those issues are, your physical state, your long-term prognosis, any other limitations you may have, among many other things. 

Physical therapy can be used alongside other types of treatments or therapies

Physical therapy can be one part of your overall treatment plan. There may be several other parts as well. You may also go to an acupuncturist or a chiropractor. While physical therapy can work great alongside these other treatments, it is important for you to be sure you let the physical therapist know what all the types of treatments or therapies you are undergoing while you are coming to them. This way, they can take that into consideration if they notice certain changes. For example, if you come to physical therapy right from the chiropractor, and that day you are feeling much better, they will know you may be having a good moment due to the chiropractic care, instead of thinking you are further along than what you really are. 


If you feel that physical therapy may be able to help you with something you are physically struggling with, then you should start by talking to a local physical therapist. They will be able to give you a referral.